Exhibition The Lilian Look

Designs for a Princess – The Lilian Look! is a previous exhibition that can now be rediscovered via films, images and even a virtual tour!

"It is sometimes said that clothes make the man. And that may often be true, for both men and women. But with Princess Lilian, the opposite was true. In her case, it was the woman that made the clothes."

This is how The Queen began her opening speech for the exhibition 'The Lilian Look' at the Royal Palace in 2015. In an interview, Princess Lilian's designer Elisabeth Wondrak described a unique 'Lilian look' – a soft, refined elegance that characterised the princess. The Queen referred to this in her speech: "The garments on display in this exhibition reflect Princess Lilian's personality. We recognise her in the exquisite pastel shades. In the elegant cut. And in the fine details. This is where we find the distinctive sparkle in her eye."

The exhibition, which was staged at the Royal Palace during 2015/2016, has been documented. You can now 'wander' around the exhibition from the comfort of your own home, and see 30 or so of the garments worn by the princess.

You can view the exhibition by clicking the images in the slideshow below or via the following links: Designing the 'Lilian look', The Lilian Look in 360° and The grand opening.


– The lilian look

In 2015, the centenary of Princess Lilian's birth was marked with an exhibition of her clothing at the Royal Palace. In this film (in Swedish), the exhibition is presented by Margareta Nisser-Dalman, Director of the Royal Collections.